We're all stories in the end...

... just make it a good one!


Which Friends Character Are You?

It's a tie!

You are part Chandler. You're funny and that's why people like to have you around. You're also a great friend, and when someone you care about is in trouble, they know to come to you for some level-headed advice followed by some sharp sarcasm.
You are part Joey. You may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but you're unrivalled when it comes to the opposite sex. You're a great friend, going great lengths when needed. Remember: your friends are your lifeline and you'd better not leave them behind. Success will be hard to find without them around.

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

You are Draco Malfoy. You're an arrogant son of a bitch. You won't let anything get in the way of your quest for power.

Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Character Are You?

You are Michelangelo. You are laid back and all about having a good time. Cowabunga!

The sorting hat says:

Otippat. Väldigt otippat.

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1 Martin
skriven :

Snääääälla, kan du inte när du bloggar om internettest visa vart du fått dem ifrån? :P

2 Martin
skriven :

Jag är visst Albus Dumbledore, Joey (det var inte väntat) och uppenbarligen skull hatten sätta mig i Gryffindor. Märkligt.

3 Gelix
skriven :

jag var monica och phoebe