We're all stories in the end...

... just make it a good one!

nerdgasm deluxe.

Såg Harry Potter för tredje gången ikväll. Just as awesome.
Jag vill se den igen igen igen.
Fick (okej köpte...) även en enooorm (ihopvikt här) Harry Potter standee att ta med mig hem.


Och jag skiter i att det är töntigt.
Jag är så jävla lycklig så jag skulle kunna tjuta!

Me: i hate one thing about goin to the movies... EVERYTIME theres popcorn wedged in between my boobs and i have NO IDEA how they got there.. freaks me out. feels like i ought notice if i drop one? and i ought to feel them goin down my shirt
its not funny... good to know i can store stuff there though... if theres like a nuclear holocaust, i can store some food there if i need to hide away underground...

Simmons response was... hehehe.

... " if i made a remark i wudda wanted to make u wudda blocked me n said i was as bad as turkish people lol"

Fair enuf... lol

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