We're all stories in the end...

... just make it a good one!

you cast the spell, so break it

åh rainbow, åh since you've been gone.
ni vet. wörd.
det är inte bara jag i hela världen och allt är inte bara mitt fel hela tiden.
det känns ju... bra?

i alla fall.
en awesome brudstängning går till historien.
nog om det.
imorgon väntar ett mellanpass och sen ledig jävla onsdag.
dessutom är jag sjukt jävla ledig i helgen OCH det är melodifestival.
Kom ihåg mig?
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1 susanaiz2
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1 History
2 Popularization
3 Spy also
3.1 In fiction
3.2 Techniques
4 References
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The actual definition of the term "plodder" is "to abridge with trace or heavy blows." In the newfangled popular it has often been utilized to retail an inelegant but functioning solution to a certain computing uncontrollable, such as quick-and-dirty chassis scripts and other command strip utilities that filtered, munged and processed figures streams like e-mail and RSS feeds.<>]<>] The an understanding was later extended to autobiography hack, in connection to a settlement to a problem unrelated to computers that authority turn up dawn on in a programmer's regular life.needed] Examples of these types of zest hacks force file utilities to synchronize files, track tasks, put in mind of oneself of events, or cheesecloth e-mail.

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The American Pronunciation Way of life voted lifehack (an individual name) as the runner-up pro "most valuable word of 2005" behind podcast.<>] The dope was also added to the Oxford Dictionaries Online in June 2011.<>]

Realize also
Hacker taste
Security hacker
Scullery hack
Jugaad – nearly the same concept
Kludge – similar concept
Urawaza – compare favourably with concept
FlyLady – housekeeping methodology
Self-help – self-guided upgrading—economically, intellectually, or emotionally—habitually with a impressive subjective main ingredient
Tim Ferriss – novelist
Getting Things Done – book and time government method
In fiction
Rube Goldberg – cartoonist
LifeHax, a comedic web series created not later than Michael Swaim
43 Folders – heretofore and chronologize board of directors process
Hipster PDA – paper-based personal organizer
Incremental reading – reading and culture method
Pomodoro Art – quickly bosses method
Spaced repetition – long-term memorization basic assumption
Timeboxing – perpetually management method

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